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       WE HAVE A REPRIEVE!  JAN. 18, 2018

Time is winding down before we disband our Precious Little Things

website & our remaining miniatures inventory will only be available

by phone & mail or from our mail order catalog!  (Just like the old days

before the Internet!)  Of course, we will still  answer e-mail inquiries &

can e-mail pix to you so you still have the opportunity to buy our super

handcrafted minis, so don't despair!  The website will be closed down

on Jan. 18, 2018 (not Dec of this year thanks to our webmaster!)

so let's enjoy it (and order from it while you can)!

                 TWO MORE SPECIALS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             PHOTO ON BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE

Cat. No. AA20560- Happy Fisherman!  Handmade by a Canadian artist

who specialized in 1" scale dolls of the masculine persuasion.  This old

gent comes with his boat & oars plus a fishing rod, hand net,

can of worms, leather hat & pipe to smoke.  Price was reduced on

website to179.95 from 199.95.  New price is 149.95. 

First call gets the old guy!  802/875-4147


Interested in making ceramic or porcelain dishes, vases, dolls or more? 

This kiln is a top-loader which is engineered to fire full.  Range from

china to porcelain.  Excellent condition.  Will go to 2,300 degrees in

1 hour; it perfectly fills the bill for firing minatures.  Perfect for firing

doll parts, small pieces or for testing new glaze formulas.  Bought this

from the estate of a talented miniaturist but never used it.  It is not

computerized but works with cones, a box of which I will include.

Great opportunity, to your advantage, as I'm closing out my business. 

Pick up in VT.  Valued at $650.00 - $750.00. 

Selling for only $350.00 !!  802-875-4127


Just in time for the holidays!  Special sale prices on accessories!  Order

any of the following by phone (802-875-4127) and we'll give you the

special prices and low postage rates.  Not all are on the website &

site prices have not been changed indicating these discounts. 

Remember, we're at 802-875-4127 & be prepared to give us your

Visa, MasterCard or American Express data plus address information.

 1" scale gift pkg


       FANCY Gift packages with hand tied bow.  Available in both 1"

       and 1/2" Scales: 

       Single package $2.25 now $1.75

      Double package $2.75 now $2.25

      Triple package $3.25 now $2.95 and

      Round package $3.25 now $2.95

When you call, request All-Occasion, Winter, Gold or Christmas.

PLEASE NOTE:  half scale packages are also suitable for 1" scale items.


      Large Selection still available.  Normally $1.25 -- Sale $.50

      ALSO AVAILABLE are economy gift packages sealed with a Pearl

           and Ribbon -- Mostly winter or all occasion motif

           Reg. $1.25 Now on Sale for $.50


     Ceramic Tree, 12 volt.  Reg. $14.95   Unwired  $12.95

     Cyber price -- $2.00 off either.

     Also BUNDLE OF GIFT WRAP ROLLS:  Reg: $2.95  Sale:  $1.95


      Create your own setting or buy a larger quantity to fill for customers!

      Empty Tin -- Reg. $1.35 each -- Now 6 for $5.95 or $11.00 a dozen

      Tins Painted & Decorated filled with canes or cookies now reduced

             from $10.95 to $6.95 each!

      Empty Tins Painted & Decorated was $7.95 now $5.95 each.

       Select your preference of motif:  Winter/Christmas or All-Occasion 



        Santa Punch Bowl Set contains hand decorated platter,

       Santa's punch bowl,4 cups & ladle. 

                    Reduced from $32.50 to $27.00!

        Santa's midnight snack consists of a platter, a plate of homemade

        Oreos, a note to Santa plus a pitcher & glass of milk. 

                    $25.95 now $21.00

6.      Fine Quality Christmas Tree Balls & Decor

         On the paper:  3 small scale Santa decorations:

                   Down from 3 for $3.50 to 3 for $1.95

         Handmade wooden horsey decoration was $6.50 -- Now $4.95

         Other balls shown are striped 4/$4.00, Gold 4/$2.25 &

              Santa head 2/$4.50

        DEDUCT 40%



                BLACK FRIDAY SPECIALS CONTINUE . . . !

Available until inventory is gone!  Call us at 802/875-4127 & place

your request for our remaining filled glass metal top mason jars & give

alternative choices.  Right now we have miscellaneous jelly, cocktail

onions, onions, pickles, peppers, wax beans, cherries, honey, piccalilli,

fruit cocktail, corn relish, carrots, peaches, spilling jelly.  Reg. $6.95.

Now 6 for $30.00!

Our marvelous wired-lid canning jars contain cherries, green/red peppers,

wax beans,, olives, cocktail or regular onions, fruit cocktail, piccalilli,

mixed vegetables, pickles, beets or tomatoes.  This group includes

several fabric-covered jars.  Were $7.95 each - till they're all gone.

Get 6 for $36.00!  Add $2.00 for postage.

. . . Now, for you half scalers!  Filled tiny plastic metal top jars filled with

minute hand-formed fruits & veggies.  Reg. $4.95 each.  Special: 6 for

$18.00 plus $2.00 postage.  Call us & we'll tell you what varieties are



These Cyber Specials are in limited quantities.  Use your phone &

dial direct to the source -- that's us!  802-875-4127.  We'll take your

order, tell you if any items are sold out & will rush our your package


                                                                 Faith B. Rogers



Featured Products

AA 20560  Dozing Fisherman in his boat -- EXTRA SPECIAL PRICE AA 20511  D. Ann Ruff finished room setting.  Fits into hat box.