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Since 1974, we have built a reputation for providing top quality dollhouse miniatures to discriminating customers, whether they be beginner or advanced collectors. We’re known for our realistic, high quality, moderately priced products in 1" = 1' scale, as well as some in the even smaller scales, ½" = 1' & 1/4" = 1'. All the marvelous minis you’ll see are handmade in the good old USA by us or by other "cottage crafters".

"Precious Little Things" began as an outgrowth of Faith’s work at Creative Crafts Magazine . Reader letters had been arriving on her desk with such plaintive queries as "I’m 40 years old and all I want for Christmas is a dollhouse. Am I crazy?", or requests for suppliers of miniatures and materials to make miniatures. Soon Faith was researching scale crafts, writing dollhouse articles and publishing a monthly sources guide. The Rogerses developed new products, selling them and those of reader- friends in their first PLT mail order catalog.

The friendly approach is just part of the "not-too-big little mini business with the personal touch" and their mail and show customers have appreciated this, evidenced by the repeat purchases made over the years and the many thank you letters penned by recipients of "PLT" minis.  Attendees at the finer miniatures shows in the US and UK look for "Precious", which has the reputation of having something for everyone.   "PLT" products have a personal quality and realism unattainable with mass production. Therein lies their charm, but also the tiny drawback that thousands can’t be produced per hour. Our inventory is gigantic, but if any requested item will be delayed, we will ship in- stock minis, sending backorders as soon as possible with no additional shipping charge.

This website will provide you with a cross- section of our diverse furniture and accessories and will be added to periodically and updated weekly. Feel free to call us with any questions. You may order from the website using Paypal, Visa, Master Card or may order by email or mail, sending a check or money order to P. O. Box 1006 - S, Chester, VT 05143-1006. Or call us at 802/875-4127 to place an order. For an even more complete selection, order our 40- page color catalog for $3.50 US or $6.50 (if to go overseas).

Precious Little Things has been editorially and pictorially recognized in Creative Crafts, Creative Crafts & Miniatures, Dollhouse & Miniatures News, Miniature Magazine, Miniature Gazette, Nutshell News, Miniatures Collector, Small Talk, Hobby Magazine, as well as English, Dutch, German, Spanish and Japanese catalogs or publications. PLT products are often featured on other mini websites, as we sell wholesale to some of the finest miniatures shops.



Make a point of checking our "Onesies" listing, things which will no longer be available after those listed are ordered. Also the Sales Category where you can get some really exceptional prices.. All items are in 1" = 1' scale unless noted that it is in a smaller scale. Some items are usable in two scales

Caution should be noted - These miniatures are fine quality and some are fragile, so they are not intended for children twelve years of age or under.

Prices are subject to change.

Minimum Retail Order: $25.00

Shops wishing to buy for resale should contact us, supplying state tax numbers & business name.

6% Vermont sales tax will be charged on any items sent to Vermont addresses.

International shipments will be sent by the most reasonable method and will include a $1.00 handling fee. Because regulations vary to different countries, we will offer you alternatives and list the costs before we bill and ship. Some countries don’t allow insured packages or put a ceiling on insurance and please note we can’t honor breakage or loss to an out-of-US package if not insured. Foreign collectors will be responsible forany duty, taxes or customs fees they are assessed.

Purchases may be returned to us for refund within ten days of our shipment to you. In most situations the postage will not be refunded.


Faith Rogers


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